By Patti Pokorchak (Canada)

You love what you do, but you hate having to go out and sell yourself? You never signed up to be a sales person when you hung out your shingle to be a coach, did you? Do you think of the used car sleazy sales guy when the topic of sales comes up? Does that describe you?

But guess what – without sales, you have no business. You do not have a coaching practice. You only have a hobby if you continue to do what you love but do not make enough money to support yourself. It really is that simple. The attitude that sales is sleazy is one you have to get rid of! NOW!

Sales is about being of service to others. It is about helping them reach their goals. It really is not about selling. That’s where the matchmaking comes in. You ask powerful questions that uncover their pain or challenges and magically – you show them by example of previous clients, how you can heal their pain or help them overcome their challenges!

Source: iCN Issue 9 (Sales Coaching); pages 22-23