Kevin Oubridge (United Kingdom)

And yet with a little bit of know-how you can learn how to sell by playing to your strengths as a coach

You are a leadership coach. You have got several years’ experience under your belt. You are well connected with business leaders. You’re professionally qualified. You regularly attend coach training to keep up to date. You enjoy what you do and you’re earning a very healthy income … Ah, there’s the rub. You should be earning good money but the chances are you are not earning as much as you want or are worth. The trouble is you’re a coach, not a salesperson. You are not sure how to market yourself, you don’t like bothering people, you don’t like being pushy and you don’t like discussing price. You just plain don’t like selling!

The fact is though that great sales people are good at asking questions and listening and, as luck would have it, that’s your stock in trade. You are a professional at asking questions and listening. You should be able to sell your services playing to these strengths, so what’s stopping you?

Source: iCN Issue 5 (Leadership Coaching); pages 12-13