by Barbara Roux-Levrat (Switzerland)

Limiting thoughts are like spiderwebs that block your neurons from communicating in a logical manner.

You could spend your entire life running around in circles in your head. Faced with a challenge, you could rationally think: ‘You I can. Yes, it’s my thing. That’s what I like. I have what it takes. I’m more than ready.’

But then you crash into the spiderweb and the thoughts change to: ‘No. Things could go wrong. I’ll be the laughing stock. It’s going to cost a lot. It will be too difficult. I don’t have what it takes. It’s going to be so embarrassing.’

The spiderweb always wins. Because it was woven while you were a young child and effectively controls your life: the subconscious mind. Actually, it seems as solid as if it had been woven with cement. However, it is not. It only ‘seems’.

The truth is that it is only a spiderweb, which means that it only takes a touch to dispel it.

What are those spiderwebs? They are lies that we have believed since childhood. And those lies – completely irrational – are in full control of our lives.

Source: iCN Issue 26  (Life Coaching); pages 75-76