By Cristina Nicoleta Burca – iCN Journalist, Romania

Ambition, energy and passion. Three attributes that one should possess in order to succeed in both career and personal life. These are the three attributes that Bianca Corau, founder of the Female Leadership Organisation (FLO) and Regional Director of The Alpha Group (Romania), invites you to adopt to be an exceptional leader.

I got the opportunity to interview Bianca to learn more about the market trends of female leaders in Romania and also about the latest strategies to reach performance.

ICN: How do you describe the trends in Romania with regards leadership, in particular for the female public?

Bianca Corau: Leadership is a way of relating to the success of businesses and companies. Women start slowly but surely to assert leadership positions, if we look at the increasing number of women managers and CEOs. Thus, 34% of key positions of companies in Romania are occupied by women, a share which is much higher than in countries like the Netherlands (19%), Germany (20%), Austria (21%) and Italy (22%), and is constantly increasing since 2010.

Source: iCN Issue 9 (Sales Coaching); pages 40-42

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