After the successful release of 11 editions, the number one magazine for life and business coaching, International Coaching News (iCN) is now gearing up for its next issue. The magazine continues to not only be a useful source for coaches but also to HR personnel, managers, professionals and even those willing to learn and study any aspect of self-development.

Currently, ICN has positions available for those who are eager to be Journalists for UK, USA, Romania, Poland, Turkey, Hungary & Bulgaria. ICN works with journalists or writers—staffers and freelancers alike—who have written for newspapers or magazine editors and who have demonstrated basic reporting, technical writing, and writing skills, including the ability to identify the most important elements of an article, acknowledging sources and people, and most especially coaching.

iCN Journalists are writers who are part of the regular team and have been chosen to represent this prestigious publication in many areas of the world. Journalists write and assemble together news stories that will interest iCN audience.


  • One does not have to be a qualified coach, as long as you are involved in the personal development & growth, management, coaching, and mentoring;
  • Must have strong journalism experience, ideally in the field of management, personal development and growth, leadership and/or coaching;
  • Have extensive knowledge about life and business coaching or coaching in general;
  • Experienced in writing for newspapers, magazines, blogs, or basic reporting and writing experience;
  • Experienced in long-form feature writing;
  • Experienced in writing Profile or Interview-based articles.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Convey coaching information, ideas and opinions with honesty and integrity through the publication;
  • Present an accurate portrayal of people and events as they occur and presenting only the facts, and excluding personal opinions and value judgments;
  • Ensuring work is well written, accurate and submitted to deadline;
  • Provide the audience with meaningful information, but is able to apply judgment to know when the information is sensitive and ought not be reported;
  • Sift through insignificant stories/ideas and report on what the reader-base is interested in;
  • Conducting interviews on CEO’s, Heads of Corporations, Heads of HR of Corporations in your City or Region;
  • Keeping up to date on the latest trends and developments within the coaching world, and everything that touches coaching, like management, leadership, personal development, mentoring;
  • Generating ideas for stories;
  • Attend regular meetings with the editor;
  • Attending & Representing the iCN during coaching or mentoring seminars, conference and events; and write an article about the said event;
  • Submit at least one (1) article in three (3) months;

Please send your sample articles or links of written works, writer’s biography and CV to