By Robin Hills (UK)

Does the Curriculum Vitae (CV) or resume of the person that you are coaching contain rather general statements such as “good communication skills” or “ability to work independently and as part of a team”?  If so, they are not alone.  Most CVs will contain similar bland statements in one form or another.

How can you help your coachee give a better explanation of their capabilities and stand out from other job seekers?

“Psychometric testing is being used more and more as part of the recruitment or selection process.  The assessments are devised by occupational psychologists with the aim of providing employers with a reliable method of selecting the most suitable job applicants.  They aim to measure attributes like intelligence, aptitude and personality. The results provide a potential employer with an insight into how well a person works with other people, how well they handle stress, and whether they will be able to cope with the intellectual demands of the job.” (Psychometric Success)

Source: iCN Issue 18 (Career Coaching); pages 10-11

About Robin Hills

Robin Hills specialises in people development and the practical application of emotional intelligence through personality and behavioural assessment.  He runs Ei4ChangeEmotional Intelligence 4 Change – a company that operates internationally providing tools for change to support the development of emotional intelligence.

He is registered and accredited with the British Psychology Society as a Test User: Occupational Ability and Personality (Level A and B) and uses a range of internationally recognised profiling tools to assess type, trait, behaviour and emotional intelligence.   He is a Member (Business) of the Association of Business Psychologists and sits on the UK North West Committee.