By Skye Sanders (United Kingdom)

There’s a scary statistic which stares every wannabe entrepreneur in the face when they are deciding whether or not to make the leap from the “safety” of a J.O.B to the uncertain, perilous world of the start up.

That statistic is the number of start-ups which fail in their first two years.  The actual statistics vary depending on industry and location but they all tell the same story.

When you consider that start-ups are considered to be “engines of growth” for the economy, providing jobs to the population that statistic becomes even more disturbing.

Not only do they provide jobs for others, they also allow the founders to express their passion and their gifts in a way that benefits the world which has to be better than working for wages in a job you don’t care about, for a company that does not care about you.

So the question is, what can we learn from start-ups that succeeded and how can we adopt those principles to guarantee our success?

We will use the “consultants approach” and diagnose the problem before defining the cure so you come away with actionable strategies that guarantee your success.

Source: iCN Issue 10 (Business Coaching); pages 15-17

About Skye Sanders

Skye Sanders teaches coaches and success-minded entrepreneurs how to generate more income through their business by teaching them how to package and demonstrate their expertise. He teaches coaches and business owners about the psychology of marketing that you have to get right before you work on offers and copy.  From there he focuses on positioning them as an expert the eyes of your market and teaching you how to demonstrate your value.  Then he uses that to help them work backwards from an income goal to give strategic plan which shows exactly what one needs to do each day to achieve your goal.