by Dr. Peggie W. Koon (USA)

According to Spencer Johnson in his book, Who Moved My Cheese, the ‘cheese is always moving.’ In other words, we know change is occurring around us constantly. Spencer’s character Haw made the following observations about change, which are referred to as ‘The Handwriting on the Wall’:

Change Happens – They keep moving the cheese.

Anticipate Change – Get ready for the cheese to move

Monitor Change – Smell the cheese often so you know when it is getting old.

Adapt to Change Quickly – The quicker you let go of old cheese, the sooner you can enjoy new cheese.

Change – Move with the cheese.

Enjoy Change – Savour the adventure and enjoy the taste of the new cheese.

Be ready to Change quickly and enjoy it again and again – They keep moving the cheese.1

Change leadership must be able to see the ‘handwriting on the wall’

Key Change Factors (KCFs)

Leading change is much easier when you understand the key attributes of change. We call these attribute key change factors (KCFs) because they help define how change factors into—or impacts—your organisation. Understanding each of these KCFs and how they impact organisational performance has helped me in my efforts to lead change.

Four Major Attributes Affect Change

The Key Change Factors can be divided into four (4) major groups:

  • Timing – because change is constant, and timing is everything
  • Leadership – because change requires shared vision, strategy, and goals
  • Team Work – because change is only successful if it is executed and execution requires a plan and the work of strategically aligned teams
  • Culture – because change requires innovation and creativity, which organically occurs when the culture embraces change and includes diverse perspectives

Source: iCN Issue 28 (Corporate Coaching); pages 45-48

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Dr. Peggie Ward Koon, is an executive strategist, change leadership and management consultant, author, and coach. Dr. Koon is the former CEO and Founder of Leading Change, LLC. She is also the former Vice President of Audience at the Augusta Chronicle/Chronicle Media, Morris Communications, Augusta, GA (USA). She was the 2014 President of the International Society of Automation (ISA, ) and the 2015 Chair of the Automation Federation (AF, ). She has more than 40 years of experience in change leadership, management, IT and OT systems – with specific expertise in the automotive, aerospace, nuclear reprocessing, insulating products, textile manufacturing, and media industries. To learn more about Dr. Koon, connect with her on LinkedIn at: or visit her blog at: