by Cristina Burca (Romania)

In our rushed lifestyles, enhanced by 2020’s radical shift towards home-ing (office, schooling, parenting), understanding and finding inner balance becomes crucial for our health and long-term life vision.

What are the steps to identify and focus on “what really matters” to reach inner balance and express it into overall fulfilment both at the end of the day and on the professional life span?

We approached this question with Adelina Ștefan, Professional Certified Coach (ICF AAC), Personal Agility Recognized Practitioner and Intercultural Facilitator, based in Switzerland.

Adelina and we spoke in particular about the Personal Agility System (PAS), a powerful tool to get clarity on ‘what really matters’ and acknowledge the ‘small wins’.  Let’s start!

The topics we dive into:

  1. How to understand and find inner balance. Some of the biggest challenges nowadays.
  2. How can coaching help? 6 Contexts of Life/ Career Challenges and few Coaching Approaches.
  3. Personal Agility System and the importance of celebrating small wins.

Q1: How to understand and find inner balance and what are the biggest challenges nowadays?

Adelina: Inner balance is a combination of factors that many people find more and more challenging to achieve. The most common I would highlight are:

  • Knowing yourself and your values.
  • Prioritisation, i.e. How can one achieve a balance coping with the family responsibilities, career goals / current job and finding some time for self-care?
  • Lack of self-confidence and to communicate their needs and expectations, i.e. difficulty to say ‘no’ with assertiveness.

Source: iCN Issue 33  (Wellness & Holistic Coaching); pages 26-28

About Cristina Burca

Cristina has contributed to the iCN magazine since 2014, by interviewing coaches around the world to shed a light in this fascinating personal and professional development field. Cristina worked as journalist in Romania (2006-2008) and then moved to Brussels to work in EU affairs. After an international journey in PR, education and tourism, taking her from Germany to Malaysia and back to Europe, she is now managing the brand of a renowned business and life coach in Romania.