by Anne Bachrach (USA)

Do you walk into your office armed with an ambitious to-do list? Then watch the day fade away with your having not completed the tasks you had set forth? Why are not you more productive?

There are myriad of reasons you are not achieving the goals you had set for yourself, and we will explore some of them.

Before you can determine why you are not more productive you need to measure your productivity if it was where you believe it should be and why and where you think you may be missing the mark.

What does productivity mean to you?

Does it mean:

  1. Checking off items on a to-do list?
  2. Getting out of the office ‘on time’?
  3. Bringing in X number of new clients per week/day?
  4. Generating X amount of revenue each month?

To truly measure your productivity is to look at the larger picture when it comes to your personal productivity.

Determine what productivity means to you and your business goals. Are you focusing on those items that are necessary to grow the business or are you more focused on checking items off a to-do list? For some entrepreneurs, the feeling of satisfaction that comes from having completed a plethora of tasks is more fulfilling than having tackled a large project that may not have an immediate payoff of ticking it off your task list. If that’s the case with you, take your large project and put it on your list – if checking off an item makes you feel productive and keeps you motivated, then don’t deny that internal feeling.

Source: iCN Issue 36  (Using NLP in Coaching); pages 39-41

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