Discover the Secrets to Understanding Yourself and Others™

by Ken Keis, Ph.D. (Canada)

Relationships are always about managing and working with expectations. One of the greatest contributors to how we show up and what we want from others in our relationships (no matter what the context) is our Personal Style, or what many call “personality.”

Understanding self and others are so important that when we at CRG had a Marriage Counselling division, we would never counsel any couple or individual unless they completed our Personal Style Indicator (PSI) first.

When CRG works with leaders, teams, or organisations, we always have them complete the PSI so we can help everybody understand each other and their preferences.

Two of our associates (or trusted advisors), Anne and Brian Bercht, conduct marriage/relationship seminars—specifically for those who had a betrayal occur in their relationship. Knowing one another’s Personal Style is so important for reconciliation that each participant receives a copy of my book, Why Aren’t You More Like Me?, and completes the PSI assessment prior to attending the workshop. The Berchts had tried to conduct their workshops without the PSI, and it was impossible to maintain the same level of impact they desired.

Source: iCN Issue 24  (Relationship Coaching); pages 12-15

About Ken Keis

Ken Keis, Ph.D., is a foremost global authority on behavioural assessment strategies and processes, and an expert in leadership, purpose and wellness. He has authored over 4 million words of content, including 500 articles, 4 books and a dozen assessments to help others realise their full potential.

As President and CEO of Consulting Resource Group International (CRG), which provides assessment resources to coaches and speakers, Dr. Keis has worked with many high-profile companies, associations and industry groups. In the past 30 years, Ken has conducted more than 3,000 presentations and 10,000 hours of coaching and consulting. He is a highly sought-after author, speaker, trainer, podcast guest and host of his podcast show, “The Secrets of Success™ with Dr. Ken Keis,” available on iTunes and SoundCloud. His latest books are Why Aren’t You More Like Me?, Deliberate Leadership and The Quest For Purpose.