Most life coaches chose that career because they liked helping people. When they decided to take that path, they probably did not expect that they will actually be spending most of their time searching for clients, preparing contracts, invoicing clients, writing blogs, managing social media channels and all those other things that are necessary in order to attract a client and actually do some business as independent coach.

Some life coaches are lucky – if they had previous experience in marketing, sales and admin jobs, managing these responsibilities is a piece of cake. Others are probably trying to balance between learning bunch of new skills and hiring trustworthy partners to manage some parts of the process.

Productive life coach knows that he should focus on sessions with clients. After all, that is what he loves to do, and what is actually brining him revenue. But who will do that admin and marketing work that is part of daily working routine?

Coaches like Tony Robbins have the whole team of experts working in the background; PR Manager, Digital Campaign Manager, Sales Specialist, Office Manager, Event Organiser etc. The ones who are just kicking off their life coach career, and who are not rich and famous (yet) might want to start with hiring one person that can handle whole bundle of various tasks – Virtual Assistant.

Experience virtual assistants are helping coaches, speakers, and other busy professionals with finding speaking gigs, shortlisting suppliers, attracting clients, managing marketing and even remembering their wife’s birthday. There are many freelancers and agencies that are offering virtual assistance, but usually they require detailed instructions for each task, and that can be time consuming almost like doing it on your own. Whether a person is searching for a Virtual Assistant on Upwork,, People per Hour, from agency like Boldly, or some other provider, it is important to take several things into consideration before making a final decision.

Virtual Assistance Hub Remote Bob is specialised for VAs who are supporting life coaches. They work based on goals, what means that instructions like ‘I need more speaking gigs’ are good enough because they already have an action plan ready.

We asked founder of Remote Bob to tell us what is the secret and why is this agency so different than other ones?

‘While I worked as a Go-to-market Consultant, I met a lot of people who are absolutely amazing at what they do, but when they decide to launch their business, they don’t even realise that it means they will have to spend 80% of their time with regulatory, admin, marketing, instead of doing what they used to do. I simply thought there has to be a better solution than struggling with tasks you don’t like or hiring a team of 10 people so I trained Virtual Assistants to take the workload off our shoulders.’ Said Barbara Maheshwari, founder of Remote Bob.

For everyone who wants to know more, here is a complete guide for life coaches and speakers about working with a VA.

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