By Gary R. Gasaway (USA)

It’s About Emotional Connection…

I believe there is one thing in life that only those special possess – that is the true emotional connection with others.

It’s touching other people’s lives. That ‘touch’ is a powerful one that is through a shared connection of trust, openness, encouragement, mutual respect, and caring. When you touch other people’s lives, your connection goes deep into their hearts and becomes a part of them – thus a part of you.

Source: iCN Issue 12 (Personal Coaching); pages 53

About Gary R. Gasaway
Gary believes that the relationship between a coach and client is co-creative, meaning that his clients and he are equals and both have an active role. Gary considers himself not a therapist, counsellor or consultant. He is trained and a certified professional coach using honed communication skills to support clients as a detached thinking partner. Together, they create synergy to result in meaningful change and take dynamic actions towards the clients’ goals.

As a retired manager from Southern California Edison, he used his natural talent for coaching and became a “corporate coach.” During over his 31 years with the company, he designed and developed several coaching courses and workshops that he facilitated to hundreds of supervisors and managers throughout the company. He also authored weekly coaching articles: The Coach’s Notes that were distributed throughout the company. He is currently in the final stages of writing his first book: The Coach’s Chronicles: a Journey through Life’s Trials and Triumphs.