Executive Coaching for Career Enhancement of Senior MBA Awarded Managers

by Sylvia Pavlova (Bulgaria)

In the first article we got to focus on the four essential dimensions along which senior MBA awarded managers effectuate the change of their life following the award of their MBA degree. Given those four dimensions, we got to articulate 5 hypotheses introducing the most frequent cases of change.

Now, therefore, we want to have a close look upon each one of these hypotheses.

Hypothesis 1: Following a comfortable long experience within a particular functional area / such as, for example, accountancy, human resources, etc, you end up feeling like that is not exactly your area. As such, you would want to shift into an entirely new area.

Should you happen to find yourself in this situation, you will inevitably run into one of the most widely spread employers’ presumptions, which does not stoop to change.

Every position calls for people backed up with previous experience in that same functional area. However impressive the graduation certificate you may produce in proof of your excellent fit to that functional area which happens to be new to you, it is a fat chance that you stand of getting in for a higher position in the hierarchy as compared to your current position

Source: iCN Issue 21  (Business Coaching); pages 31-33

About  Sylvia Pavlova

Sylvia Pavlova (MBA CMC Assoc CIPD) graduated the international MBA program with OUBS, UK, 4 years ago. The program stands amidst the 1 % top MBA programs in terms of accreditation worldwide. For the last year of her studies, Sylvia got acknowledged by her colleagues as one of the five most influential MBA students in OUBS. Immediately after her graduation, Sylvia has been chosen to accede the 42 MBA international mentors and executive coaches with the university. She has acted as the executive coach of senior MBA managers from OUBS, Henley Business School , University of Leicester, Bocconi.

Since 2017, she has been an international Certified Management Consultant in Business Development and Operational Effectiveness. She is a managing shareholder on the start-up SP Business Lab (www.spbusinesslab.com). She is responsible for the international development of a technological start-up established in Bulgaria.