By Dr Lisa Turner (United Kingdom)

What separates a fantastic coach from a good one?

Any well-trained coach can get good results for their clients. However, some coaches seem to be truly “gifted” and can take their clients to a whole new level. These great coaches are often trained to the same level as the average “good” coach, so what is it that gives them this edge of mastery? The things that make a good coach a great one, are intuition and the courage to use it!

Most coaches will be familiar with the experience of having a strange sudden urge to ask their client a completely random question that’s totally off topic, and coaches with the confidence to trust this urge, are the ones that can lead their clients to the place they didn’t think they wanted to go, but it’s the exact place they needed to go to get the result. Great coaches allow their intuition to lead them to the exact place where the client’s problem or block was. This is your intuition at work.

Great coaches will quietly and occasionally openly admit that often when they are coaching they will experience something working through them that does not seem to be coming from them.

Source: iCN Issue 4 (NLP in Coaching); pages 44-45

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