by Cristina Burcă (Romania)

Becoming a leader starts with Personal Leadership. As Ionuț Iulian Ungureanu, UK based leadership and life coach, founder of Raise the World organisation, states, the transition from a mentee to a mentor, to a leader, makes this quest the DNA of a leader:

‘How can I create a legacy that my actions will inspire people around me to learn more, to achieve more and to become more in life.’

With a life story that breaths personal leadership, Ionuț Ungureanu talks about vital traits required in a leader, as a legacy to pass forward. An interview to the point.

Topics we cover:

  1. Personal Leadership. How to properly understand it and enhance it in 5 steps.
  2. Team Leadership. Which are the vital traits required in a leader, versus a manager?
  3. Success stories. From a coachee to a leader.
  4. Leadership coaching. How does having a coach impact one’s transformation in becoming a leader, both of their lives, as of their team/ business/ organisation?

Q1: Personal Leadership. How to properly understand it and enhance it in 5 steps?

Ionuț Ungureanu: Personal Leadership is such an important and vital skill for our existence, as human beings here on Earth. I believe this should be a practical skill taught in schools and universities, to guide young adults to become the next generation of leaders.

There are many steps to enhance Personal Leadership and to understand this process. For me, the most important 5 steps are:

  1. Communication. Everything in life starts with the ability to communicate our feelings and emotions to others, to ask and give things, to sell and negotiate, and so on. There is something special about Personal Leadership when we communicate it to people around us. We all speak, but very few truly connect! This is the difference between someone anonymous and a great leader in their field. So, my point on this first step is that we should learn how to connect with people, through communication, better than ever before.

Source: iCN Issue 34  (Leadership Coaching); pages 56-58

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