by Malcolm Nicholson, iCN Journalist (UK)

The scope of this article is to examine ideas around a new ‘How’ – how to deliver team coaching in a lockdown and post lockdown intercultural VUCA world. The ‘what’ that is delivered will depend on the client requirements, the unfolding variables and your own personal magic dust. (See iCN Edition 28 ‘Jazz music and coaching – the art of improvisation’)

We are experiencing a seismic time as a planet. Approaching global warming tipping points, a pandemic, near global lockdowns, sliding towards right wing politics driven by online ‘perspecticide’, and undoubtedly heading into a global recession with no idea of the long term impact of the pandemic. And at the time of writing the death of one man in the USA has set off unprecedented global demonstrations.

This is impacting organisations and teams; we are now so far into ‘lockdown’  – or whatever the local term is – that teams have been formed, members recruited and businesses run entirely remotely. Many are reporting staff surveys show a 20-60-20 spread for returning (20% home working, 60% hybrid and 20% full time office). Several of whom I know are evaluating a fully remote dispersed model post pandemic.

Teams are dealing with the paradox of setting direction whilst reacting to events and making up a lot as they go along, such is the speed of change. Who would have thought in January 2020 that in 8 weeks leaders would be changing the direction of their organisations to keep their staff alive?

Some international teams have been working with ‘virtual’ as a part of their meetings cadence;  however ‘virtual’ meetings have now been mandated into becoming that most overused of phrases – ‘the new normal’.

Source: iCN Issue 30  (Group & Team Coaching); pages 13-16

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