The View From The Bridge An interview with Gerard O’Donovan

By Malcolm Nicholson – iCN Journalist (UK)

Gerard O’Donovan has been one of the driving forces in the Coaching Industry since 1993. He is more than a master Coach and Blogger, Gerard is the founder and CEO of The Noble-Manhattan Group. Europe’s premier and longest established professional coaching and coach training organization; The Founder of The ALPHA Group– the leading Peer to Peer group to help owners of SME’s in 21 countries; The President of the IIC&M (International Institute of Coaching and Mentoring) The World’s leading accreditation body for professional coaches; The Owner and MD of Westminster Indemnity – Insurance provider and Chairman of the ICN – International Coaching News- the World’s largest Coaching Publication.

I caught up with Gerard to talk about his view of Life Coaching in 2017 and looking forward.

Malcolm: Life coaching has seen phenomenal growth in the last few years and you’ve been a driving force in it since 1993. How do you see the life coaching industry today?

Gerard: The term Life Coaching and everything behind that was really created by Thomas Leonard back in the 1970s. About five years later it came over to the UK and swept into Europe and beyond.

Source: iCN Issue 17  (Life Coaching: The Power to Change Peoples Lives); pages 14-17

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