By Andrea Szabados (Hungary)

When was the last time you painted an honest self-portrait? Either with a brush, or in words, with pen, using the feedback received from others?

Recently I’ve visited the exhibition called “Van Gogh’s Dreams” in Budapest where the artist’s masterpieces come to life using 3D technology. Beside the brilliant paintings, as a personal development professional, I was enthusiastic to read the thoughts cited from the artist’s letters.

As promised by the exhibition’s promotion, I did experience a “new dimension” in Van Gogh’s art. However, for me it was not the canvases displayed in 3D;neither the refreshing of the colour shades and not even the accompanying sound effects. It was the human dimension that was outlined in the exhibition. It was fascinating to observe the amazing evolution Van Gogh’s art went through in barely a decade. Reading his sentences cited from his letters, I became more and more impressed by his perseverance, faith and stubborn self-development. I believe today’s leaders could take lessons from him.

Source: iCN Issue 5 (Leadership Coaching); pages 74-75

About Andrea Szabados

Andrea Szabados, ACC  Thinking with Leaders

Andrea is an executive and business coach with 18 years of experience in corporate communications. “Thinking with Leaders”, as a coach, she creates an inspiring and creative intellectual space for her clients and enables them to set off for an exciting development journey.

She is the founding president of the Professional Coaching Association in Hungary, a recently established organization aiming to promote coaching. She speaks six languages.