Unlock Your Creative Potential With Team Neetibisht

Team NeetiBisht is organising their 4th annual award ceremony titled “ART KING & QUEEN-2023” and a juried exhibition at an Art Gallery and a Hotel in the vibrant city of Goa, from Nov 3rd until Nov 5th, 2023.

Art is a medium through which creatives express their imagination, emotions, and perspectives. The art display and accolade presentation, art showcase, and gallery display are all integral parts of the art world. They not only enhance the visual appeal of the artwork, but also honor the creatives behind the masterpieces.

Do you wish to experience the logical and intuitive flow of the exhibition?

The beautiful visual and literary creations of  Bristi Parvin – an author from India; Chetna- a photographer from India; Rupa Trivedi – a poet and a talented Indian artist; Aayat Shaikh- a gifted child artist from India; Kalai Selvi – a gifted child artist from India who is an inspiration for all children, Kartik Sharma – a creative from India who won free entry to ART KING & QUEEN -2023, Mohanish Rao – a creative mind from India who has exhibited in Delhi, Pune, Paris, Milan, Bangalore; Vivek Singh- a creative mind from India, Prashant – a creative mind from India, Francisco – a Spanish artist, Dipa Sharma- an Indian author, Neeti – a multitalented and multilingual Indian who has authored one book, “Delhi Born”. She has also co-authored two anthologies – “The Epiphany of Words” and “The War of Art”. Neeti was invited as a Guest of Honor by AR Foundation and The Dharohar Foundation. She won several awards in art along with the Runners Up title- Delhi in Empress Universe 2018, and Thierry- a French photographer will be on offline and online display.

The award ceremony is an integral part of the juried art exhibition, as it serves as a platform to support their future endeavors. The awards are prestigious titles within the art community and can launch a creative person’s career. We ensure a fair and comprehensive evaluation process. The judging criteria include artistic skill, originality, discussion, and the ability to communicate ideas through visual/literary means. The award ceremony has been a launching pad for many notable artists and authors who have gone on to make significant contributions to the art world. Past winners include Neeti, Emilie, Mehmet, Sarthak, Wyneeta, and Shucita. Their innovative approach to art continues to inspire emerging artists and redefine the boundaries of the medium. Their works have been instrumental in raising awareness about humanity.

The beautiful creations are available for sale, and 10% of the sales amount will be donated to support the cause “Encouraging Equality” – by feeding the orphans/poor. We appreciate your support in both enjoying and purchasing our creations for your loved ones and employees. The range of prices for each creation is between INR 5,999 and INR 99,000. The size of the displayed works varies from A5 to 36”x 48”, and most of the work is in mixed media.

This event is available for a limited time, and we suggest planning your visit accordingly. To secure your spot at this exceptional event, kindly send an email to info@neetibisht.in  or dial +91 9811129063. We look forward to welcoming you!

Attention all creative minds! The ART KING & QUEEN – 2024 is now open for entries at an international venue. We are accepting entries for various categories, including Painting, Literature, Programming, Singing, and Photography. If you’re interested in submitting your work, please send an email to contact@neetibisht.in with a short bio and images or videos of your creations. Please note that a participation fee is applicable, and terms and conditions apply.

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