By Taryn Harris (South Africa)

Do you set positive intentions and say affirmations only to notice that you lose your “oomph” and struggle to operate from that mindset?

Do you want to know more about how we are wired and how that affects our ability to stay calm, confident and happy?

Would you like to learn a simple method (that takes 2 minutes) to begin to re-wire your biology (based on neuroscience) to reduce negativity (a.k.a. Kryptonite) and activate your DNA to grow positivity to help you show up confident and calm (a.k.a. Superpower)?

Source: iCN Issue 16 (NLP & Coaching); pages 37-39

TarynHAbout Taryn Harris

Taryn Harris is an Executive Coach, Human Asset Activator, Life designer, Speaker, and Creator of the Hardwire4Success and IN-BODY  Programmes.

She moves people into their power and ideas, brands and organisations into their power through people. Taryn also have a skill in growing and optimising assets for improved productivity, motivation and resilience. She prepares ecosystems for the adoption of innovation (i.e. new ideas, skills, processes, methods) to promote uptake and business optimisation with consistent brand alignment.  Taryn have a flair for mobilising human ecosystems to align with innovation and evolve with change.

Taryn focuses on developing interpersonal and leadership skills, with emphasis on emotional intelligence and the science of inspiration to guide organisations and individuals to create buy-in and self-sustaining systems. She teaches you how to positively affect your mind and emotions by changing your biology to become more content, resilient, productive and confident.