By Kavitha Chahel (UK)

Toxic work environments are a major cause of staff turnover, and research by the CIPD found that only 7% of organisations actually calculate the cost of staff turn over to their business. It is no secret that an engaged workforce leads to an increase in efficiency and productivity. In the daily demands of running a business this can often drop in the list of priorities.

Business leaders often do not know how to create workforce engagement with the pressure of day-to-day work deadlines. They also face the added challenge of relating to and communicating with a workforce made up of people from different backgrounds (be it socioeconomic, educational, religious, cultural etc.). All with different values and expressing themselves. To top this off there are often up to three generations of workers with wildly different expectations of work that make up these organisations. The baby boomers, the generation X’s and those from generation Y.

This is where working with a coach is vital. Coaches can help business leaders go beyond the superficial ‘fix’ of team building days, offsite weekends or pizza lunches for example.

Source: iCN Issue 18 (Career Coaching); pages 23-25

About Kavitha Chahel

Kavitha Chahel is the founder and MD of Compassionism Ltd, a leadership coaching and training company focusing on helping business leaders create profitable businesses through highly engaged teams and by getting comfortable with their fear and vulnerability to connect with their compassion.

She is an experienced business coach and company director. For nearly 20 years she has worked in business development, marketing, business leadership and strategy across the corporate, public and charitable sectors. She is also a non-executive director of Asha Projects, a charity that provides safe housing to women and children fleeing domestic violence. She has worked with clients across EMEA, the Americas and APAC. Recently Kavitha published her new book ‘Compassionism’ which you can find here: