By Brigitta Banhidi (Hungary)

There is no coaching process without life coaching aspects…agree? Every executive, every manager, every entrepreneur is a human being in himself/herself with several roles around the clock thus faces all kinds of personal challenges. Let it be self confidence, conflict management, assertive communication or time management – the coach has many tools to help in holding up a mirror and finding the best suitable way out of the perceived problem. For a whole range of those tools look for the lollipop symbol in the Toolful Coach book ( However, before doing that, have a look at a few selected ones below:

Wheel of life

This tool is one of the most commonly used tools in co-active coaching, primarily applied in life coaching, but it can be easily customized to many scenarios (e.g. identifying priorities, evaluating management competencies, etc.). The coachee has to name the eight sections to represent different aspects of his/her life. The coachee can mark his or her level of satisfaction with each life area by drawing a straight or curved line to create a new outer edge, this will give the wheel of the coachee’s life. Then the coach and the coachee can review together how bumpy the ride would be if this were a real wheel. Where does the coachee want to improve his or her level of satisfaction? What specifically can he or she do to accomplish that?

Source: iCN Issue 3 (Life Coaching); pages 19-20

About Brigitta Bánhidi

Brigitta  Bánhidi  is known of fast and long-lasting results of whatever she deals with.

As an Economist with sound legal background she began her professional career in a multinational environment. In 2002 she started working for PricewaterHouse Coopers and soon became a Management Associate with Citi Hungary. Manager of three successful projects, she moved on to Product Management. In 2005 she was headhunted by Erste Bank for Head of Consumer Product Development.

In 2008 a new chapter started in her life with giving birth to her first daughter. While taking care of her, Brigitta started studying coaching and soon became a qualified business and life coach (  By  the  time  she  had  her  second  daughter  in  2010  she  was  having coaching clients and was known for being an empathic, efficient and goal-oriented coach. Mid-2012 she became strategic partner of Toolful Coach – a project full of tools to support coaches in their coaching practice. She has recently received her ICF ACC credential and been voted as „Coach of The Year 2012” in Hungary.

In her spare time, Brigitta likes playing the piano and doing yoga to balance out her inner spirit.