By Yasmin Vorajee (Ireland)

Most people start a coaching business with a deep desire to impact the lives of others. Create transformations. Make a difference. You start out bright eyed and bushy tailed.  And then a few weeks in and you’re sitting starting at your desk, looking at your four walls and wondering ‘where are the clients?’

This is not an uncommon story for the majority of coaches. You may be a brilliant coach, but struggle with getting your message out there. Which is all that marketing is. Sharing your message and reaching the people who need you.

In this article, I want to share with you simple ways to share your message even if you only have limited pockets of time to market your business. In my coaching and consulting business, I work 3-4 hours a day so I can spend my time with my children and have a great quality of life. But to enable me to have a business that allows me to do this means I need to make sure people know what I can do for them and how they can find me.

Source: iCN Issue 15 (Marketing for Coaches); pages 26-28

yasminvAbout Yasmin Vorajee

Yasmin Vorajee is the creator of Tiny Time, Big Results where she shows coaches, consultants and experts how to grow their profitable and productive businesses working only a few hours a day!

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