Playing with the eFIRE Model and Mindset

by Malcolm Nicholson – iCN Journalist (UK)

The following is based on a conversation between Geoffrey Abbott, PhD, Director, Executive Coaching Programs, Graduate School of Business, Queensland University of Technology and the author.

In an increasingly VUCA world, there is a need for leadership that is fit-for-purpose and can work the adaptive space between what is and what needs to be for an organisation to survive and thrive. At the heart of the challenge is generating productive dialogue right across organisations that assist leaders to sense and to respond to internal and external shifts, the pace and magnitude of which are increasing. Trusting relationships are vital in fostering and supporting such conversations and integral to third generation coaching approaches.

eFIRE is a new approach with an energy centre of meaning and purpose and relationships, and a mindset that anchors practice and can contribute to the future development of leadership coaching.

Dr Abbott continued “eFIRE is set up for complexity – that is, for messes. It’s not so useful if you want lose weight or learn French. It’s for messy ‘wicked’ problems where no one really knows which way to go. It aims to gain clarity in complexity and allow participants in the mess to influence the system for positive benefits. Of course, in messes even what is a ‘positive benefit’ is up for dispute!”

Source: iCN Issue 20 (Executive Coaching); pages 8-11

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