Their Professional Direction is Crystal Clear

By Helma Lieberwerth (Netherlands)

As a life coach you work with coachees who are looking for fulfilment in their lives. Nowadays in coaching a lot of them focus on fulfilment in work, especially from their authentic selves. There are valid reasons why that group of coachees continue to grow enormously. This article will give you the clear direction on how to help as many as possible in an effective, positive and distinctive way.

Increasingly Invited

Every person has a natural inner desire to live the life that suits them. To do work through which they experience fulfilment and meaning. That desire is made even more apparent to us by the rapidly changing world in which we live. Because of the impact that rapid technological developments or an international virus like COVID-19 have on organisations and jobs.

Until a few years ago you could still hold the same position for many years, but now you see more and more functions disappear, the content of jobs change or new functions are added.

This is happening at lightning speed. It increasingly invites us to fulfill that desire for a life from who we essentially are and from there to make our unique contribution through our job.

The Right Person in the Right Place

HR and management must ensure that the right person is working in the right place, always and certainly in times of change. In doing so, they of course first look at the current employees. Who could possibly do what?

Existing skills and competences are examined. Whether the employee already has the new skills necessary and can start using them immediately. Or that they should be learned by offering training or coaching. With the best intentions.

And then there’s the fact that large organizations are convinced that learning new skills is the solution to make employees future-proof.

Both lead to fierce discussions around whether the changes work will just suit someone.

Unique Contribution

Having said that, you will understand that it is more important than ever for everyone to know who they essentially are and where they can add value. So, they experience fulfilment and inner security, whatever happens. From their inner constant, which is their anchor in times of great change. This inner constant can be found in their Intention of Being.

Every person is part of the world to contribute something unique to themselves and to a specific group of people.  That’s what I call your Intention of Being. It is what and who you essentially are, instead of what you think you should be or want to be. Every one automatically lives out their life from their Intention of Being from the very beginning. And yet our inner desire to be completely ourselves allows us to seek that deep fulfilment that comes with living and work from there until it is fully realised.

School of Life

In order to be able to fully realize ones Intention of Being, every person goes through a school of life in the first ten years of their life. They start with that right from birth. In order to awaken their desire to fully realise their Intention of Being, in this period of time they experience everything that is required for it to happen. A school of life is almost like a regular school, it consists of a package of subjects and gaining experience.

Source: iCN Issue 38  (Life Coaching: Professional Growth & Direction); pages 14-16

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She also developed the paradigm shifting guiding methodology Quaning. Helma has more than 35 years of international experience in guiding, training and inspiring people and in educating and guiding leaders, Quaners, trainers and consultants.


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