By Rosana Nedelciu, iCN Journalist – Romania

“A winner is a man who has learnt how to position himself correctly in relation to his past failures.”

I heard it the other day and simply loved it!  Unlike the usual James Bond-like depictions, this piece of wisdom seems to give The Winner, my hero in today’s article, more reflective attributes, and not so much action. Yes, I know, that’s boring. No one would watch a 007 film to see Mr. Craig sitting at his desk and thinking. Sitting in his car and thinking. Or, worse, lying in bed and staring at the ceiling all night. And yet, the mission of a future Winner – who is now meeting with failure – could prove as difficult as those of charming Mr. Bond.

“Position himself correctly in relation to his past failures”. It states right from the start that winners, too, have made mistakes, they have met failures and went through crises. Winners, too, had moments when they questioned themselves and their abilities. Yes, some of them even let the word ”looser” hover around for a little, while they were discouraged, and just before they got back on track. Which means a Winner now is someone who was once milled and polished, and against his or her best intentions and wishes. (Let’s be honest, who wants that?) A Winner is not a “chosen one”, but a person who did his part in the “Skill and Luck” equation and had to confront the uncontrollable, the twists and turns of life, just like anyone else. And, unfortunately, that’s usually not done riding cool motorbikes, flying helicopters and jumping from one high-speed train to another. Not to mention that, in real life, when things get tough, beautiful ladies aren’t so much – or so many – around.

Source: iCN Issue 12 (Personal Coaching); pages 47-48

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The newest member of thr ICN team. Rosana is an HR professional with 7 years of management experience and international exposure. Her expertise are in Executive Search, Learning and Development, Internal Communications and Performance Management. Keirsey Temperament Sorter: The Teacher. She is also the owner and creator of TheHView coaching concept (The Human View on Personal and Career Development) And an author of the book called ”Mother is Love, Why do You Speak of Cancer?”