The Road To A Successful Practice

by Helma Lieberwerth (Netherlands)

Coaching is a booming business, and at the same time a relatively young field. For you as a coach, this brings all kinds of possibilities, and certainly also challenges. Because, how do you get noticed and how do you distinguish yourself from all those other coaches? How do you ensure that you attract the right clients? Many a coach worry their heads about this. While there is only one thing you should know and fulfil. That points the way to a successful practice. What that is and how that forms the basis for your success as a coach, that is what this article is about.

Enormous potential

Research conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers on behalf of the International Coaching Federation shows that the coaching industry is the second fastest-growing sector in the world. Rapid technological changes and social developments such as COVID have had an impact on all facets of our lives, on work and organisation of work.

More and more people are looking for inner security and longing to lead a life based on fulfilment and meaning. The demand for coaching is increasing. Coaching is becoming increasingly important. There is therefore enormous potential for the coaching industry.


If an industry is experiencing significant growth, you can be assured that it will run into obstacles. This also applies to our industry. Image is mentioned as the biggest obstacle to coaching. Coaching has the image of a profession that everyone will take up just like that. It is a liberal profession, so that possibility is also there. They call themselves a life coach, career coach, leadership coach, outdoor coach, homework coach, hiking coach, animal coach, clothing coach, and so on. And with all these different forms of coaching, it is difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff, to distinguish the serious coaches from projects of people with more creative intentions and ditto results.

Source: iCN Issue 35  (Business Coaching: Building your Organisation); pages 15-16

About Helma Lieberwerth                                                                          

Helma Lieberwerth is the worldwide authority for providing insight into how you can be your true self. She has a phenomenal talent to give meaning to signals that we receive on how to live a fulfilling life from inner trust.

She described her revolutionary view on people and personal growth in her vision Intention of Being.

Helma also developed the paradigm shifting guiding methodology Quaning. Helma has more than 35 years of international experience in guiding, training and inspiring people and in educating and guiding leaders, Quaners, trainers and consultants.


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