Coactive Coaching: Changing Business, Transforming Lives

by Zornitsa Stefanova (Bulgaria)

A couple of years ago I learned to ask myself: What do you pretend you do not understand? Every one of us makes thousands of choices every day in our lives. What time do I wake up tomorrow? What will be the sound of the alarm clock? Shall I get up immediately? Shall I meditate? Shall I exercise? Tea or coffee? Or just water? Shall I go to the office or work from home? When shall I write the critique of the book? Shall I turn left or right? And because of all and each one of the choices I’ve made in my whole life, I am here and now, writing.

Some choices click with the yearning of the heart. They are in line with our values and we feel the deepest fulfilment of reaching our full potential. We say ‘yes’ to things that make way for our learning and personal growth and “no” to others that keep us away from our heart. At the same time we decide to make choices that are in our way to living a fulfilled and meaningful life. If a person keeps close to his heart and makes empowering choices, he enjoys the wonderful journey of a lifetime.

Having read ‘Co-Active Coaching’ I leaned back in my chair and realised that from that point on my life would be different, and I’d make a difference. For the book had made me ask myself many questions and find some answers, and thirsting to find yet many more. The book helped me realise coaching is the thing I’d love to do. Because coaching is a wonderful way to support a person in his quest of his own powerful Self.

In an extremely concise yet picturesque way, the authors lead me through the 4 co- active coaching fundamentals (focus on the person as a whole, people are naturally creative, evoke transformation by dancing in the moment), the core principles of coaching (balance, fulfilment, process), the 5 contexts that the coach brings into the relationship (listening, intuition, curiosity, deepen and forward, and self-management). The masterful use of metaphors made it all so crystal-clear to me and so interesting I just went on and on. I’m a person who perceives the world using the 4 representative systems. In ‘Co-Active Coaching’ I had it all: pictures, sounds, feelings, analysis, by real-life sessions, illustrations, practical exercises, easy to follow reasoning, and wonderful metaphors – all in a wonderful blend that I enjoyed a lot.

Source: iCN Issue 22  (Wellness & Holistic Coaching); pages 12-15

About Zornitsa Stefanova

Zornitsa Stefanova is a professional Life and Executive Coach, APC (IIC&M). She is passionate about coaching as a tool for transformational changes in people leading to more fulfilling, balanced, and meaningful life. She helps her clients in Bulgaria, USA, Spain, Lithuania, Slovakia, Germany, and Russia reach their personal potential, be even more successful as business and community leaders.