by Cecilia Lui (Hong Kong)

At the recent Women’s Empowerment Forum in Hong Kong celebrating International Women’s Day in March, I had the pleasure of speaking on the topic to an audience of women and a few men, culturally, generationally, and professionally diverse, with each person on a unique journey of their own. On this occasion, I would like to share this dear-to-my-heart and important topic incorporating part of my forum presentation and personal and client experience, on the importance of self-understanding to our professional and personal success.

Aristotle once said, ‘Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom’.

Our personal and professional selves are more integrated than most people would like to think or admit, one impacting the other.

During my presentation at the Forum, I enlightened everyone on ‘The Iceberg of Self-Knowledge’ where aspects of ourselves such as gender, ethnicity, physical features and certain personality traits are all obvious aspects of who we are, but below the iceberg where personal ambitions, motivation, intentions, perception, values, attitudes, beliefs, talents, strengths, to name a few, are self-knowledge that may not be as obvious to some of us, without some deep diving into the past and reflecting on our current states of being across different areas in life.

Source: iCN Issue 26 (Life Coaching); pages 41-44

About Cecilia Lui

Cecilia is a Hong Kong-based professional with cross-sector and industry experience across multiple disciplines. A native from Hong Kong with a Canadian upbringing, Cecilia has enjoyed working in Asia since 2001, applying her cultural insight and multidisciplinary background, bridging the gaps between the East and the West, helping professionals gain insight about themselves for personal, professional and organizational growth.

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