The Peer-to-Peer and Gold Coaching Advantage Client Success Stories

by Iulia Kelemen (United Kingdom)

Business professionals often seek the guidance and support of a mentor, business coach or even of their peers when they want to improve their leadership or their business. Whether there is a need for clarity over the mission and vision of the business or over where to focus time and resources in order to thrive in a competitive marketplace, business coaching can make a positive impact. And business coaching combined with the power of shared knowledge and experience can rocket a business to success.

On the 10th year anniversary of The Alpha Group, this article aims to present just a few of the success stories and how a peer-to-peer executive board, along with GOLD Coaching helped businesses from various industries to grow both in terms of operations and in terms of profits.

The Alpha Group is a peer-to-peer executive board which folds perfectly on addressing change by bringing together business leaders in a process of creating a collaborative leadership mindset and framing challenges into opportunities. The Alpha Group helps business leaders to achieve their company’s full potential for growth and success by inspiring and motivating them to make transformational changes within their business. And for an Alpha Group board facilitator, For a coach, there’s no better feeling than watching a client succeed after working closely with them to achieve their objectives.

CASE 1: Using the Power of People

One client, a Solicitors company, joined The Alpha Group having issues with time management, automating regular communications with clients and staff management. Their growth was stalled given the management involvement in day to day operations, leaving no time for strategic planning.

Given the power of the workbooks and the masterminds, they were leaning towards more delegation and empowering staff to make their own decisions. This left 40% more time to engage in business expansion. Over 2 years, the company experienced 353% growth and $26 mil revenue increase.

CASE 2: Working for the Business, Not in the Business

James (name is changed due to confidentiality) is a highly experienced mechanic running a Garage. Although competent and adept at his profession, his business was not getting enough clients and he was overwhelmed with the amount of work. He joined The Alpha Group in order to find a way to start working for the business and not in the business. On the personal side, he aimed for a better work-life balance.

Working with his board, James identified his strengths and weaknesses and discovered new opportunities. Given the amount of work along with the need to get more clients, resulted in the expansion of the business with 5 additional mechanics, leaving James with more time to promote the business and maintain client relations. In 3 years, there was a 500% growth.

CASE 3: Time for Strategic Alliances

A small White Goods Specialist company experienced a very typical disconnect between operations and management. Increasing frustration between the owner and his team was creating a rift in the business and negative feedback from the customers.

The Alpha Group board identified a lack of vision and strategic planning. They worked together on sharpening the company vision which led the manager to engage in strategic alliances. Greater shared vision and common goals, along with the strategic alliances made teamwork more efficient and customer satisfaction increased leading to triple profits within 3 months.

Source: iCN Issue 41  (Leadership Coaching); pages 35-38

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