By Cristina Nicoleta Burcă- iCN Journalist (Romania)

The path to happiness is a life led with integrity: in thoughts, words and actions. It is a principle stated by many great men in the humankind’s history, from Confucius to Martin Luther King, Mahatma Ghandi and Steve Jobs. They have all inspired people to be brave enough to dream (big) and apply those dreams into the real life, as the only way to live with integrity, happily and fulfilled. Modern curricula are now being developed by more and more schools worldwide, aspiring to create individuals able to become leaders of their own lives, able to become Dreamers of their own destiny. Such a school is The School for Dreamers, an international higher education project, founded in 2010 by Professor Stefano D’Anna.

“Do only what you love and love what you do. Train yourself to be a Dreamer.”  – is the motto of the School for Dreamers, an innovative career coaching programme for both young generations and adults. Its founder, Professor Stefano D’Anna, is the former Rector and founder of the European School of Economics (HQ in London) and a leading manager of multinational companies (Alfa-Romeo, Fiat International, Olivetti Corporation of America among others). The programme is led by Francesca Del Nero, Director of the School in Italy.

Source: iCN Issue 8 (Career Coaching); pages 61-62

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