The Influential Coach

Using Curiosity, Urgency, & Consistency Followed by Actions

by Gary Gasaway (USA)

I have found throughout my several years of experience and hundreds of clients, that the power to change these clients’ lives is two-pronged: I must first provide the fundamental influential elements of curiosity, urgency, and consistency, which is then secondly, followed by dedicated and effective actions by the client. This is all based upon a special co-creative bond that will most often result in the client’s achievement of their life goals.

This special relationship is built upon mutual trust, respect, and a feeling of value by both the coach and client. And with trust, respect, and a feeling of value comes responsibility: I have the responsibility to influence the clients’ thoughts and emotions and the client then has the responsibility to follow through on agreed actions. What’s the key here? It is seizing actions by the client. Taking action to reach personal potential is the foundation to success in life. Wait. Personal potential? Yes. We all have a unique potential level. It’s for the coach to identify the potential of each client to capture and instill influential elements based on their true strengths and talents. The result is achieving life goals and potential; thus, changing the lives of these clients.

What does it mean to be an influential coach: They enlighten and not determine the client’s life path, they engage and not direct the client’s potential, they challenge the client’s thinking for new insights, and most importantly, they inspire the client’s through the use of the influential elements of curiosity, developing a sense of urgency, and being consistent while seizing effective actions to realise their level of personal potential through the achievement of their life goals.


Clients who remain curious don’t need encouragement to carry out actions – they just do them. Why? Because curiosity will keep the client motivated to learn more, hence, grow more. I believe curiosity is the key to being a lifelong learner, and if you want to keep growing, you must keep learning. Curious people are interested in life, people, ideas, experiences, and events. In other words, they live in a constant state of wanting and needing to know and do more.

In fact, it is curiosity that is the primary catalyst for self-motivated learning. The client already knows that the path to discovery is just as exciting as the discoveries themselves, because there are wonderful things to learn along the way. Further, I have found that the element of curiosity is the foundation to keep the client focused upon striving for personal potential in the achievement of their goals. It is also curiosity that helps the client think and expand upon the possibilities to go beyond reflecting on life. Where does this lead them? It leads to an abundance of self-discoveries. It also opens the door for new opportunities which will then lead clients to initiate compelling actions to attain their life goals.


All the intentions in the world will not get the client anywhere unless the coach influences and creates a sense of urgency that focuses upon taking all the necessary actions regarding the client’s goals. If the coach does not develop this sense of urgency, the client could miss opportunities to change their life. The coach must emphasize the importance of truly needing to understand that it is in the actions the client takes regarding a continuance forward movement toward their personal potential that will have a long-lasting impact upon their life goals.

Source: iCN Issue 43  (Life Coaching); pages 13-16

About Gary Gasaway

Gary is a practicing life coach that provides individuals and couples with coaching needs concerning life’s difficulties in the areas of career decisions, dealing with stress, developing positive habits, and improving relationships. When not coaching, Gary dedicates his time to family, friends, and of course – writing. Gary has a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Management and a Master of Science in Leadership and Management from the University of La Verne and is a member of Alpha Chi, National College Honours Society. In addition, Gary has earned the professional designation of a Certified Coach from the Coach Training Alliance.

Gary also has written and published six books: The Coach’s Chronicles Trilogy, The Reflection Connection – Reflecting and Connecting to Life’s Experiences, A Simple Life – Living Less Complicated, and Beyond Reflecting – Actions Lead to Personal Potential. For additional information regarding Gary and his books, send an email to: