The Importance of Effective Delegation as a Successful Leader

by Anne Bachrach (USA)

If only we had the ability to split ourselves into several pieces so we could get more done. Unfortunately, we are quite limited in what we can accomplish on our own. That’s where delegation comes in.

Not only is delegation very important for lightening your own workload, it’s actually more beneficial for your company if you focus on your strengths and delegate the rest to your team members. It can create an environment of learning and ensures you’re providing the best service and products to your clients by choosing the best person for the job.

Why It’s Hard to Delegate

As a business owner, it’s often easier to do things yourself since you know how to do them, and you are used to doing them. You’re the one with the vision in your head, and it can be faster to do something yourself rather than take the time to explain it – is what people think. Not only that, it’s hard to let go, especially with something as personal as your own business. You want it done right, and what better person to do it right than you, right?

Remember that you have hired your team for a reason. They are there to support you and your firm, and to not make your job harder.

Letting go of control can be one of the hardest things a business owner has to do. There’s a fear of losing a certain level of quality, and others may complete a task slower than you can complete it. Sure, time is money, but if you invest time in explaining something to a team member, you are empowering them to do it themselves the next time around. They may even know how to do something better and quicker, when you give them an opportunity.

It can also be difficult to ascertain which tasks can be delegated versus which ones you should handle. Maybe you have a meeting with a high-profile client. That might make more sense to take on yourself, whereas a meeting with a new client to onboard them might not necessarily need your involvement.

Once you start to grow your team, part of your job is figuring out which tasks you can delegate in order to effect impactful growth.

Delegation Allows You to Be Proactive, Not Reactive

You have a limited bandwidth. That’s just the reality. Whether that’s a physical or mental limitation, it’s not feasible to take on everything yourself. When you spread yourself too thin, you will likely find that you are reacting to situations, rather than getting ahead of them. There will constantly be fires to put out, questions to answer, clients to answer to. Your business will not grow if you continue to try and do it all yourself.  You are not allowing it to grow when you don’t have support staff.

Think about what business matters actually need your attention. For example, can you outsource the first part of hiring your team and come in later once a candidate has been vetted by trusted members of your team? Do you really need to be on the initial phone interview?  No, you don’t.

Source: iCN Issue 41  (Leadership Coaching); pages 11-13

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