By Michael de Val (United Kingdom)

“It made me feel a lot more confident. I can now say to myself you’re not that bad a parent,” (Sam, a single mum, Rhondda Valley South Wales)

Sam, along with forty others, had joined a personal development project, which used NLP Techniques in a context far removed from that of a traditional coaching relationship. This was a group coaching and mentoring in a project based in The Rhondda Valley, South Wales a historic heartland of mining and heavy industry.

The Rhondda has changed. The Office of National Statistics in a 2012 survey found 34.4 % of adults here have low or very low levels of life satisfaction. The ‘Genesis’ project for young unemployed single mothers focused on addressing their ‘disconnection’ from mainstream life and work and the accompanying depression. It also addressed the practical steps needed to get back into education and employment. NLP provided invaluable tools for the task.

Source: iCN Issue 16 (NLP & Coaching); pages 42-44

About Michael de Val

Michael have thirty years working with young people and the professionals. He is passionate about supporting young people and the professionals and parents who care about them to improve outcomes well being and confidence. He also provide skills for better teaching and learning ,a whole person approach and a belief in the resourcefulness of each client.