by David Frank Gomes (Canada)

The word synergy comes from the Greek word sin-ergo, meaning, to work together. It points to a mutually supportive atmosphere of trust, where individual elements work towards their own goals, and although the goals may be very different, because they are all moving parts of a synergetic network, they support the whole ecosystem.

Recently, I have been working on creating a new human centred training and consulting company with several of my brilliant colleagues. We all come from very diverse backgrounds and we all share different skills.

We began by asking ourselves a few simple questions.

  1. How might we build better workplaces?
  2. How might we engage the hearts, minds and talents of people to create sustainable workplaces that don’t burn people out?
  3. What if enjoying ourselves was the key to improving our learning and performance?
  4. What if we could create a new paradigm of organisational structures and practices that did not rely on or even need empowerment because by design, everybody had a sense of power and no one felt powerless.

Source: iCN Issue 19 (Group Dynamics: Team Coaching); pages 59-62