by Gary Gasaway (USA)

As a Professional Life Coach specialising in conflict, the coaching session is one the most important functions of my business. Without an applicable model, identifying and resolving my clients’ conflict is very limited and not nearly as effective. When I developed this model and my session prep questions over eight years ago, I designed them to be easily implemented and understood as I explain the importance of the coaching process with my clients.

As you will also note, the session prep questions match the model. This was done with the intentional use of adding value regarding something visible, such as the model, so that the client and I can go through each step of the coaching session process with simplicity and complete comprehension.

Let me explain:

Using both documents side-by-side, we move through each component of the model that are matched with each of the session prep questions. With the session prep questions answered by the client prior to our session via text or email, we have clear expectations of the coaching session. In other words, with this model and answered session prep questions, we stay on-task, are focused, and organised throughout the session. In addition, I will always have copies of the model and the session prep answers provided by the client, along with a business pen (with logo and phone number for additional marketing opportunities) that I supply at each session as so the client can take notes if necessary.

Both client and coach play important roles regarding active listening throughout the coaching session. In fact, so important, on the top of the document showing the model are the words: Listening, Questioning, Listening, Feedback, Listening. Again, most importantly, my role as the coach is to – Listen, Actively Listen.

Active Listening

Many people take for granted that they have the ability to be a good listener. Yes – listen – much different than just hearing. Most people would consider listening to be easy and not much effort required, and therefore thinking they are good listeners – in reality, they are only hearing.

As a Professional Life Coach, I pride myself as an active listener. Unfortunately, the fact is that most people can physically hear, fewer listen actively. Here is the key – It is never too late to become a better listener – although it does take lots of practice and discipline. When we do become better listeners, it will change us – and all those close relationships in our life. I consider listening as the most important part of communication. It matters because unless you actively listen, you will not understand the complete context of what is being said by the client, thus you cannot properly respond because of overlooked information that is bypassed by not listening. It is easy for most of us to ‘talk’, but when it comes to truly listening, we can all improve and that really has a bearing regarding the relationships we have with our clients

Source: iCN Issue 14 vol.2  (Marketing for Coaches); pages 36-38

About Gary Gasaway

Gary is the founder of Conflict Coaching Solutions, LLC, a professional life coaching business that focuses on inspiring individuals, couples, and/or groups to transform their conflictive situations into positive solutions.

Before creating his company, Gary was a ‘corporate coach; for a large utility company in Southern California. During his 32 years with this company, Gary designed and developed several coaching courses and workshops that he facilitated to supervisors and managers throughout the company.

Gary also has now written and published five books: The Coach’s Chronicles Trilogy, The Reflection Connection, and his newest book: A Simple Life – Living Less Complicated, has now been released. For additional information regarding Gary and his business or books, go to: