By Christine Dawson (United Kingdom)

The intellectual origins and psychotherapeutic applications of early NLP are widely documented.  Indeed, NLP was created for the detailed study of the natural language used by eminent psychotherapists of the 1970’s and the inherent processes and techniques they used to generate transformative change in their clients. NLP’s unique and specialised beginning is well understood by those who have paid attention to this impressive method of thinking about thinking. As a result, as an NLP specialist, I am often asked about the modern day applications of NLP and how it can be woven into the everyday hustle and bustle of fast moving corporate life. Can NLP be an effective catalyst of performance enhancement and prospect acceleration in business?

Source: iCN Issue 16 (NLP & Coaching); pages 19-23

ChristineDAbout Christine Dawson

Christine (MABNLP, MTLT®A, MABH) is the Managing Director and creative force behind Quest for Success Ltd. She has total belief in human potential and strives to ensure that everyone she works with becomes the best they can possibly be.

Trainer of Master NLP, NLP Master Coach, Master Time Line Therapy® and Master Trainer of Hypnosis.