By Malcolm Nicholson (United Kingdom)

Business coaching continues to evolve and diversify in its approaches. However, the biggest issue facing many businesses in 2015 is transforming themselves into organisations capable of growth. What should business coaches be doing in response?

Let’s start by looking at the big picture. At the time of writing, the economy at a global level looks vulnerable, with growing geopolitical risks occurring. But there is talk of growth, led by the US economy. Many companies are cash rich and need to gain bigger market share. Going forward, this could give companies the ability ‘… to invest in people, raise productivity, and rebuild trust and confidence.’ (Goldman Sachs, Outlooks 2015).

However, most leadership teams in place today have cut their teeth during the near apocalyptic scenario created by the 2009 economic meltdown. Whether you have or have not been through a recession before, there has never been anything like the current period of economic turbulence. During this period, the approach to running a business became inwardly focused – cutting spend, costs and managing the balance sheet. Over the subsequent years, a successful leadership career was measured by success in operational consolidation, optimization of existing resources, not taking risks and generally  an ability to ‘batten down the hatches.’ This has consequently become many people’s ‘success formulae’ – in other words their default approach to running an organisation.

Source: iCN Issue 10 (Business Coaching); pages 12-14

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