With the aim of uplifting and encouraging creative minds, Indian Art and culture and supporting women and child development and empowerment along with an environmental cause- ‘Save the Planet’, an online creative talent hunt cum art competition was organized and curated by Miss Neeti Bisht (An International artist, multitalented personality-Neetii Bisht Aartz) on Dec 25, 2020 at 11:00 AM IST in New Delhi via online platform.

During the pandemic, an overwhelming response from artists across PAN India and across the globe was observed. Various online activities like an online class on ‘Overview of Madhubani- an Indian art form’, live quiz on ‘Indian art and culture’, crossword puzzle on ‘World art and culture’, online exhibition of shortlisted participants were key components of this talent hunt so as to increase awareness and educating children on various significant aspects of Art and culture, importance of child education, online safety tips and health tips during Pandemic. Specially abled, orphans, economically backward children were given free entry in the art competition. Participating creative minds include Vaishnavi, Sathish V, Kyna, Ishita, Dasharatha, Amira, Manya, Prapti, Tinku, Kalai Selvi and others.

The online art exhibition of shortlisted participants went live on Dec 24, 2020 till Dec 30, 2020 on all social media platforms. Mr. Pota, Ms. Shivangi, Mrs. Chetna, Miss Neeti did give few important tips on Importance of child education, online safety tips, health tips during Pandemic to the participants, Parents and Guardians. It was accompanied by a song sung by Singer, composer- Mr. Sagar Singh.

The beautiful creations of specially abled, orphans, economically backward child artist are worth viewing.

Online visitors also appreciated the creations!

The dignitaries shared their words of wisdom with all participants, Parents, Guardians on Dec 25, 2020.

Hon’ble Chief Guest- Sh. Devusinh Chauhan – Member of Parliament, Special Guests- Dr. Nruparaj  Sahu – Joint Administrator-OAS(s), Mr. Pota- Retired Govt Officer, Mrs. Madhvi- Secretary- CKCT, Sh. C.S Bisht – Expert, Eminent Jury- Mr. Sagar Singh, Mr. Saffet Tuncel-  Turkey, Mrs. Diana Coatu- Romania(wasn’t present due to Christmas but sent her judgement) appreciated the efforts of Miss. Neeti Bisht and her team for uplifting women and child. Sh. Kaushal- writer and a govt official has always been a great supporter of art and especially for women and child empowerment and development. He has also expressed his best wishes and congratulations to the winners and to every creative mind. The list is long and the space is less to pen down all names.

The winners in the Top 20 category were Sathish V, Dasharatha, Darji Sahil, Neetal Raikar, Prachi,Nikkhil, Vaishnavi, B.Balahariharan, Debashish, Tanishka, Prapti, Tinku, Ashmeet, Avdesh, Ishita, Kosuru ,Nygiya, Karthik,N. Chandru, Sukriti.

The winners in the Emerging Talent of year-2020 category were Manya,Thanmay,Shilpa, Priyanka, Avni,S. Peer Rifaya, Akshita, Suda, V.S Tharhaniish, Nimmakayala.

The winners in the Curator’s choice- Creative Potential of the Year-2020 category were A. Yaazhini, Amira, Gayathri PM,Kalai,Kyna,Manjunath,Pavithra,Preetham, Shreeraksha, Subhashini.

Gifts were sponsored by Mr. Antony, CKCT, Neetii Bisht Aartz.

Neetii Bisht Aartz is coming up with another exhibition focused on save the girl child and stop child labour and it’s focused on uplifting women and child across the globe through their creative activities.


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