The Alpha Group has now arrived in Singapore aiming to assist local business owners to double their profits within two to three years.

Executive and Business Coach Dr Douglas Kong, stress management specialist, psychotherapist and retired psychiatrist as well as the author of the ebook: “How To Grow Your Business And Double Its Value in 2 Years”, has been appointed as The Alpha Group’s Regional Director for Singapore.

Douglas said: “The Alpha Group is part of the global Noble Manhattan group, which has an outstanding  track-record of  aiding  business  owners  to  achieve  significant  changes  and developments in their businesses.

“At monthly advisory board meetings, Alpha Group members participate in workshops focusing on key elements of business development covering a wide range of topics, and learn best practice from other business leaders during intensive strategic design sessions.

“They also receive personalised assistance in progressing projects and overcoming challenges through ‘mastermind’  sessions.  During  these  sessions,  fellow  members  and business leaders combine their collective wisdom and experience to brainstorm strategies and solutions, and drive their businesses forward.

“Members leave these monthly meetings with clear strategies mapped out, and step-by-step implementation plans tailored to their own unique business requirements.

Douglas explained, “membership of an Alpha Group is exclusive; each group is limited to just twenty members, and there is a strict ‘no-competition’ policy. No two members operate in the same business sector, ensuring there is no rivalry within the group.

“This ‘broad-spectrum’ approach to membership also ensures that members bring the widest possible range of knowledge, skills and experience to the table to assist each other in achieving maximum results.

“Membership gives business owners regular access to their own external ‘board of advisors’ dedicated to assisting them to fulfil their commercial ambitions, plus access to online resources, and a global network of contacts.

The Alpha Group’s Managing Director, Colin Lindsay, added “The Group aims to assist business owners to double their profits within two to three years. That may seem ambitious,but Noble Manhattan has an established history of members achieving much more than this in many cases.”

Douglas is now establishing groups in Singapore and in the South East Asian region for existing businesses seeking new growth and increased profits. He is inviting local business owners to attend a half-day ‘taster’ session free of charge subjected to an Admin Fee of SGD 20/-.

Only two invitation sessions are currently scheduled and places are extremely limited, so early booking is essential to secure an opportunity to experience the immense power and potential of Alpha Group membership.

  1. 3 March 2016, 9am to 1pm at the Boardroom of the Singapore Recreation Club
  1. 23 March 2016, 9am to 1pm. (location to be arranged)

To book your place, and for further information, contact Douglas Kong by email at or visit the website at