By Jevon Dängeli (South Africa)

If you want to be a more conscious creator of your results, then read the following 4 HNLP (Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology) Keys, try them out, and integrate them into your life.

Key 1. Focus on what you Want

Your current results are an indication of what you are expending the most energy on because you get what you focus on with the most energy. So decide what you want in any area of your life and discipline yourself to focus on this rather than what you do not want.

Remember, when you do not want a particular experience, that’s what you are paying attention to, and this is why it keeps showing up in your life. For fulfilling results, it’s important to keep your focus on the positive outcomes which you intend on achieving. To connect with the resource states that enable you to more easily achieve your desired outcomes, ask yourself: Who do I need to become in order to attract the circumstances that I want in my life? Be this person and you’ll be well on your way to outstanding results.

Source: iCN Issue 8 (Career Coaching); pages 34-35

About Jevon Dängeli

Jevon is an adventure seeking and curious person who finds people and life amazing! He enjoy spending time in nature with my family and friends. Human behaviour intrigues him, especially what differentiates us as people. However, it’s what connects and unifies all of us as human beings that most fascinates him.

He is the author of 5 books relating to NLP, including a published book – The User Manual for Your Mind. And also recorded over 30 audio-programmes that include NLP plus other personal development and performance enhancing methodologies.