by Andy Johnson (South Africa)

What? More Advice! There are undoubtedly more books, articles and quotes about leadership than almost any other topic.  However, The template for the “ideal leader” in any organisation is not the same today as it was five years ago, and it will not be a good fit for the needs of five years hence – not least because leadership is inextricably linked to situations. Those situations which leaders encounter is often novel, and usually unpredictable. Leadership does, after all, involve dealing with one of the most complex organisms on this planet – the human being!

Even if some basic leadership characteristics remain constant, the ways in which those needs to be manifested are subject to change – personal style is a major factor and authenticity remains an essential factor. Leading is one of life’s most intense personal experiences. It develops better and faster when learned than when taught – so that while advice provided by books, courses and webinars can provide some clues, it is putting that knowledge into action , and reflecting on  the results, then taking steps to improve the outcome on the next occasion, which will develop the truly successful leader.

Source: iCN Issue 20 (Executive Coaching); pages 42-44

About Andy Johnson

Andy Johnson trained as a leader, and then held senior leadership positions over 30 years in both public and private sectors and not-for-profit organisations. For the past 20 years has worked as an Executive Coach with Change Partners, the pioneering Coaching Provider in Southern Africa which he founded in 1997.