By Kim Sawyer (USA)

What is Celebration really? A party? A loud exclamation, “Yay!”? Sort of. These are examples of celebration, but what does that concept really mean? Most of us have only a very vague emotional idea of that. Yet the ritual of celebration may be one of the most important ingredients for our success as human beings – in every area of our lives.

It’s all about Value.  What is a value?  Why have values?  What is their purpose?

Very basically value is anything that each of us has decided to contribute to our living a good life. It is the fundamental motivator…what drives us to move and act toward things.  A value is anything that a person acts to gain or keep.  If I do not act to gain or keep it, it is not really a value to me, regardless of what I may proclaim. We have all heard the dictum, “If you want to know what someone truly values, look at their chequebook and their calendar”.

Source: iCN Issue 12 (Personal Coaching); pages 22-25

About Kim Sawyer

With over twenty years of diverse business experience; Kim Sawyer have started businesses, led companies, and been involved in almost every aspect of a business enterprise. With expertise in the area of leadership, professional and business effectiveness and entrepreneurship, today he coach and facilitate key business people and teams to create greater wealth for their organisations and themselves.