by Marta Samson (UK)

Do you dream of starting your own business? I know the feeling deep inside when you want to design a coaching business. You might say to yourself it is a saturated industry, but I say there is room for everyone, do you believe that? I think so and there are many ways you can create a successful business.

The most life assets are your experiences and knowledge. I have seen a lot of people building a business from scratch just by being good at doing something. Saying that in the coaching industry, there are a lot of people earning tons of money without being a qualified coach. I do not recommend that because I think the journey of taking a qualification within an accredited academy will give you the most amazing experience in your life, personal development.

I’ve invested in a personal development diploma, seminars, courses to do what I do today helping women in business. The best thing to do before starting your journey in a coaching business is thinking of What solution you want to solve.

Have to think about your own business, ask yourself the following question.

What is the overhaul objective of the business you want to create?

Source: iCN Issue 29  (Business Coaching: Building your Organisation); pages 39-40

About Marta Samson

Marta is a Business/Finance Coach. Marta is a Brazilian entrepreneur based in London.

She is the founder of Kingdom Entrepreneur Community. Kingdom Entrepreneur Community is an online community of female entrepreneurs. We help Christian female entrepreneurs reach their full potential in life, business and leadership

She helps bilingual, female entrepreneurs to build thriving businesses in any marketplace.