by Malcolm Nicholson, iCN Journalist (UK)

‘Not finance. Not strategy. Not technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare.’ – Patrick Lencioni

Resources for Team Coaching are increasing in availability as research in the discipline grows.

Please note: The following is by no means a complete, comprehensive or researched review of available sources, rather a few suggestions of highly recommended resources based on my own experience successfully working with a range of teams around the globe. Consequently the sources are not cited in any of the traditional academic formats, but with enough information to start a web search.


The Forton Group is the first Leadership Coach training programme accredited by the International Coach Federation, for the professional leadership coach and manager-as-coach training. They also offer a Team Coaching programme that is fully accredited by the International Coach Federation.

Helen Caton-Hughes, MD and founder of The Forton Group, said ‘Good team-coaching supports people to be personally successful and positively contribute to team and organisation success. The Forton team-coaching programme creates coaches capable of managing the complexity of leadership, individual relationships and group dynamics, which draw on the need for better emotional intelligence. Our team coaching training explores how to work with team leaders and members, in-person or virtually; with the team as a whole or individually.”

Source: iCN Issue 30  (Group & Team Coaching); pages 41-43

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