by Ian Pilkington – iCN Journalist (UK)

Ian: Who are Jan Russell Dexter and Keziah Gibbons?  

They are a team, and individuals in their own right. Their partnership spans many years, each having complementary specialisms. A double certified trainer in NLP, Jan brings many years of experience of evidence-based coaching, helping people to sort out their own intuition. Keziah is best known as a meditation guide on global meditation app Insight Timer, and she teaches courses on Tarot, Intuition, and Reiki Precepts.

Ian: How would you explain ‘life coaching’?

Jan: It’s a deliberate, collaborative timeout where people can reflect on themselves, their issues, their strengths, so that they can develop and harness their motivation, their resilience and their energy. With those in place, it enables them to move to a place of optimum performance and maintain a place of equilibrium.

Life coaching will be purposeful and intentional in order to move forward. Some people look to understand themselves better or make sense of what happened or explain how I came to be how I am. Coaching is outcome focussed, because it is about also maintaining that best state. As a coach, I am here to help you find ways to explore what you would like your life to be like. So, it’s structured, because this is the story of your life, you are creating your future story. There is structure to it. There is narrative to it. There’s some spontaneity. You are going to develop points of interest. And all through that, its collaboration with your coach.

Ian: Are there any specific techniques (for life coaching) that you specialise in?

Keziah: What I have done is blended my Tarot practice with coaching skills, and it’s by far my preferred method of working. When I have a client for a Tarot reading, often we’ll frame the reading using coaching skills, and use the cards as a collaborative attempt to discover meaning and plan next steps. I also designed a Tarot course which is essentially a personal development programme using the Tarot as a reflective tool.

Tarot reading usually has spread. It is the number of cards that you put out in certain positions and they relate to each other and that spread might be creative based on a particular coaching tool or framework.

Source: iCN Issue 31  (Life Coaching: Personal & Professional Empowerment); pages 49-52

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