Tap into Royalty to Discover your Client’s Leadership Skills

by Ruby McGuire (United Kingdom)

Being a good leader is about being confident and having a sense of certainty about yourself. There are many different types of leaders. For example, you can be autocratic, democratic, laissez-faire, direct, coaching, supportive, or bureaucratic, to name just a few. You might also perceive a good leader to have many different traits, i.e. integrity, compassion, vision, self-awareness, communication skills, etc.

Having a persona that your client can identify with can help them to explore leadership traits and define the skills and qualities they need to develop and embody.  In my work, I work with a Queen persona using the Queen as a source of inspiration for leadership. It’s amazing how everyone’s perception of a leader varies. The beauty for your clients is that they get to define their version of a leadership role. What characteristics do they believe make a good leader, and how can they embrace them?

Here’s a list of seven key leadership areas you could explore with your clients, together with some elements to investigate together. These areas can also be used to explore your leadership skills. First, help them to recognise skills, attributes and knowledge they have already and then those they need to develop to integrate these traits.

  1. Good Kings & Queens are visionaries and influencers – They think strategically and are willing to try new ways of doing things. They inspire others to think and dream bigger. They are often trailblazers, not willing to follow the crowd but define how they want to carve out their business and life. Help your client to understand how they can inspire people each day.
  2. Good Kings & Queens lead by example – They have spent time perfecting their craft and or skill and act as an inspiration to others. They don’t just teach people what they should do. They do it themselves first and then share their experiences.
  3. Good Kings & Queens are committed – They are committed to their business/career and the work it involves. They are also committed to taking action, walking the talk, and being accountable. They know perfection does not exist, yet they keep being the best person they can be with their knowledge, skills and attributes. They have a winning attitude.
  4. Good Kings & Queens act with integrity – They are trustworthy and do what they say they will do, honouring their commitments. They speak their truth with kindness, even if it feels uncomfortable. They are clear on their values and what they will and won’t tolerate within their boundaries.

They are authentic in everything they do. Part of this integrity is their willingness to be vulnerable, to connect with their people/teams. While this may not come naturally, they keep developing the skills to make it easier with time. They have high standards and know it’s better to under promise and over-deliver.

  1. Good Kings and Queens are strong decision-makers – They are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in – They are true to themselves. They make decisions and stick to them, knowing when to change the plan if it’s not working. They know they need to be decisive. Even if that decisiveness means going back to their best friend, mastermind group etc., to help them make a quick decision, they know they need to behave in a way that shows them as a leader, not a follower. They have powerful conversations. Their confidence sets them apart.

Source: iCN Issue 41  (Leadership Coaching); pages 14-15

About Ruby McGuire

Ruby McGuire is a Business & Mindset Queen. She’s an Accredited Master Coach & Master Mentor with the IAPC&M, Trainer, Inspirational Speaker and Author of multiple books. She loves helping her clients step up and become leaders (aka Queens) of their businesses. Ruby helps her clients develop their leadership and business skills, create a success mindset and attract dreamie clients. She is a Brit on a mission to live a simpler life without marketing on social media so that she can spend more time in her beautiful Scottish surroundings. You can find her at her pretty online home, over on her podcast show, Rock Your Fabulous Biz, and here where she shares her Mini Guide to Marketing Without Social Media. When she’s not working you will find her surrounded by books, making hand-made cards, and enjoying life with her hubby, little dog and chickens (usually with a Whittard Vanilla cappuccino in her hand)!