and Convert More Prospects to Paying Clients

by Glen Oliveiro (Singapore)

Nothing can compare to your passion to help your coaching clients overcome their obstacles and reach their goals. And nothing beats the sense of fulfilment you experience when they do.

When a prospective client book that initial discovery call with you, you are unfamiliar with their struggles and unsure whether they are ready to commit to taking action to achieve their objectives.

It is therefore instrumental for you to take control of the discovery call and to steer the conversation so that you get the answers you need and close successfully.

This article will guide you through every step of your discovery call so you can fulfil the following objectives:

  • Decide if this prospect is a good fit for you as a client and if you can help them;
  • Present your coaching programme or your offer in a way that your potential client understands its value and how you can help them change their lives for the better;
  • Convert your prospect to paying client

Source: iCN Issue 23  (Coaching Tools, Tips & Techniques); pages 9-13

About Glen Oliveiro

Glen is the founder of CoachVantage, a platform for coaches to manage scheduling, contacts, invoicing, contracts and coaching sessions.

Before creating CoachVantage, Glen spent six months interviewing more than 80 coaches to understand the challenges they face in their business and what motivates them. Those conversations gave him the insight and inspiration to develop a SaaS solution for coaches to easily manage their practice while on a shoestring budget.Alongside the corporate success, one of his strong goals in life is to pursue an entrepreneurial path, to live life on his own terms and to create things that delight and deliver exceptional value.

Glen lives in Singapore with his wife and four children and Mushi the Bichon Frise who steals all the limelight at home. You can read more about why Glen started CoachVantage here.