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Have More Prospects Say ‘YES’

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Have More Prospects said ‘YES’ by Terri Levine (USA) Over the years we have developed a kind of secret sauce that quickly has our prospects say ‘yes’ to our services. I am sharing what we consider the holy grail of reasons we express to our clients. Put them to

Take Your Coaching Business to the Next Level

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by Terri Levine (USA) The other day a coaching client asked me, ‘What’s the difference between owning a coaching business and owning a coaching company?’. Because this answer is so critically important to your success, I am doing a deep dive into this article. I know that starting a

Leverage The Power of Tools and Team

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by Terri Levine (USA) Would you like to put certain business tasks on autopilot? Is it time for you to stop being the one who does everything? If you are not ready to hire a team of people, don’t worry. You can still use automation technology to make some